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Kasha Miller

Founder of Snapsha-Photgraphy

My inspiration for wanting to become a photographer started at my final year in college, where I discovered the colourful and varied work of other photographers. At this point I realised that there was room available for being able to capture more expression, emotions and memories. I have always shown a love for the elusive, with always having the passion to want to create which I’m sure any artist can relate, be it in the field of photography or not. That is the true mentality for being able to capture that candid image, where it is the moment in life that is unrehearsed showing the beauty of being natural. Moments like that are few and far between, but when you find them, it is priceless. The science behind photography, with its rich history and the controversialist role is has it has played in human development has been something that has always fascinated me. How you can manipulate an image when you develop it, or, in digital art, how you can shape things to suit your needs, and how they can be used to achieve the best out of the subject matter. My business is flourishing. My attitude, combined with a hard won and carefully crafted skill set, from both within and without of my academic experience and with my personal motto of ‘no job too big, no job too small’, couldn’t be more appropriate. I never let myself be steered away from a new or interesting opportunity. My confidence in my competence, combined with a professional, friendly, enthusiastic attitude has made me and my DSLR a seemingly popular occurrence at wide range of events.  



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A Little Introduction

Hello everyone! I’m definitely new to all of this! However, I always like to try new adventures and to me, this is an adventure! To start, my name is Kasha, said like Kaysha (if you were wondering) I’m from Cornwall and have a passion for photography! Always have done really. I’ve always been creative from an early age and it’s something that I’ve wanted to continue in my adult life! Currently wanting to create more stories with my photography work, looking for fellows creatives to work with! If that’s you, please feel free to message me 🙂... read more